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FTJ Solutions


403(b) & 457 Retirement Plan Administration

Turn Key Solution

FTJ Solutions can handle all your compliance and administration needs.

Plan Document

FTJ Solutions offers its clients a written, compliant prototype and volume submitter plan pre-approved by the IRS.


FTJ Solutions monitors your plan and ensures all transactions are compliant with your plan and tax law.

Common Remitting

FTJ Solutions handles remittances of contributions to vendors so it can closely monitor compliance.


FTJ Solutions offers Retirement Academy to help your employees learn the power of investing.

403(b) and 457 Plans

2-minute Tutorial

Investment Portal

Online portal to enroll in or make changes to your 403(b) or 457 retirement plan. In the meantime, please download the Participation Agreement at the bottom of this page, complete it and return it to FTJ Solutions.


Retirement Academy

NOW OPEN - Planning for retirement is important but we might neglect it if we don't know where to begin. The Retirement Academy is an easy way to improve your financial literacy.


Plan Member Services

READY TO ASSIST - As a compliance administrator, FTJ Solutions does not offer investment advice, but we are proud to offer Plan Member Services and the FTJ Retirement Advisors team as an option for your investment planning needs.

COVID-19 Vaccine Surcharges, Mandates and Incentives: What Employers Should Know

COVID-19 Vaccine Surcharges, Mandates and Incentives: What Employers Should Know

COVID-19 vaccinations are a highly contentious topic in America. Many U.S. adults still haven’t gotten the shot despite the Food and Drug Administration’s recent (FDA) full approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

This reluctance is seen as a problem by health experts, who contest that vaccination is the most effective way to control the widespread coronavirus Delta variant. It’s also a problem for employers wishing to maintain uninterrupted operations and keep employees healthy.

So, if an employer wants a vaccinated workforce but is dealing with vaccine skepticism, what are their options? This article explores this complicated situation and discusses the multitude of choices facing employers.


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